Tuesday, 18 September 2018

40 tips to return to ideal weight

Research data released on Tuesday (10) by the Ministry of health show that almost half of Brazilians is overweight. The proportion of overweight people in Brazil advanced to 42.7%, in 2012, to 48.5% in 2018. In the same period, the percentage of people with obesity rose from 11.4% to 15.8%. To escape this trap dangerous to your health, the nutritionist Roberta Stella gathered all the tricks to make the pointer of the scale back to normal without you starve:
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1) Nothing of despair: forget the very restrictive diets or who promise a large weight loss in a short period of time. In the long run, the result is disastrous.
2) Start doing a diary with the foods you eat every day. You’ll notice the errors and will correct itself. This same survey from the Ministry of Health disclosed that the presence of beans and vegetables on the table of Brazilian families has decreased, while fat consumption increased.
3 Establish a feeding routine).
4) Provide five meals a day, with timetables for they happen. And obey.
5) Analyze food labels. Often, light foods contain a small difference in the calorie amount, that neither compensates for the Exchange.
6) Prefer the whole foods. They contain more nutrients and fiber, which are really good for your body.
7) opt for nonfat milk. The smallest amount of fat means less cholesterol and calories in their food.
8) beware the embedded (mortadella, salami, ham). They carry a considerable amount of fat, cholesterol and sodium.
9) Choose inlaid with less amount of fat as, for example, the Turkey Breast.
10) do not stay more than 4:0 without feeding.
11) make snacks between meals, essential habit for a healthy diet.
12) For these snacks, opt for foods easy to be obtained and loaded into the bag, like yogurt, cereal bar, fruit and cracker.
13) Eat at least 2 fruits a day.
14) Consume the fruits (Apple, pear, grape) with bark.
15) Salads and vegetables should be part of your daily diet.


16) Avoid highly caloric preparations as au gratin, fried, Parmigiana, breaded and four cheeses.
17) season the salads with lemon juice and vinegar.
18) olive oil has good fats to heart. But that doesn’t mean he is not fattening. If the intention is to lose weight, use very sparingly.
19) Sweets should be avoided, especially cream puffs, pies, chocolate bomb.
20) Prefer the sandwiches to those offered by fast-foods.
21) tuna and canned sardines are great for a salad or a sandwich. But remember: use the light version, preserved in water, not oil.
22) Prefer the meatless caloric, like fish, chicken and lean cuts of beef.
23) remove the chicken skin.
24) beware of mayonnaise-based sauces for seasoning salads.
25) Prefer the popsicles to ice mass.
26) natural juices are a great option for cooling off.
27) you can count on coconut water to rehydrate, but watch out the amount. For being the caloric drink can be consumed freely. A small cup (200 mL) has 40 calories. Consume only one coconut per day and drink lots of mineral water.
28) Avoid carbonated, even those that do not contain calories, like water and light refreshments.
29) during the meal, drink only a small cup (200 mL) of liquid. So digestion will not be impaired.
30) A gram of alcohol has 9 calories. Already a gram of carbohydrate or protein contains only 4 calories: namely, that Cup of beer fattening a lot more than a piece of bread. Therefore, avoid alcoholic beverages if the goal is weight loss.
31) If you go to a bar, avoid fried snacks, peanuts and cashews.
32) don’t go to the grocery store hungry. This only causes do not resist when you pass the gondola of candy and snacks.
33) drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters a day.
34) watch out for coffee. Drink no more than 4 cups a day.
35) Start the meal with a large plate of salad (leaves and boiled vegetables).
36) If you overdo it at some time, don’t give up. Start over again the next day.
37) give preference to foods high in water and low caloric value, such as fruits, vegetables and vegetables. You can consume a greater volume of these foods, comparing with those rich in calories.
38) avoid asking the last meal of the day close to bedtime. Not to impair the digestion of food and sleep, make dinner at least an hour and a half before going to bed.
39) good news for anyone who is a fan of Diners: the sandwich grids already have healthy options. Among them include salad, coconut water and fruit.
40) don’t think the diet as punishment. Anyway, the food ensures a restructuring body more beautiful and healthy. The diet is nothing but a gift you give yourself. Keep positive attitudes throughout the thinning.