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How To Maintain Your Weight Loss Success

How to maintain your weight loss success

Maintain your weight loss successOnce you have reached your desired weight loss success thank to Slimplant, the quick weight loss diet, you want to avoid regaining lost pounds.
How To Maintain Your Weight Loss Success
Most doctors will tell you that you're not "cured" of your weight problem until you've managed to keep your weight off for at least a year.If you are willing to seriously reach your good weight form, and maintaining it, it is imperative that you change your lifestyle. Remember the meaning of the ancient Greek word "diet": it means "lifestyle". Thus, a person who needs to lose weight needs to change its lifestyle in order to recover the lost good weigh form. So that, maintaining your weight loss success is based on three simples rules:  
  • Start now a reliable and healthy weight loss program
  • Adopt a right nutritional balance
  • Do not forget a little bit of soft exercise
Evidently, if you believe in some "miracles" weight loss programs that tell you can lose weight while continuing to eat tons of candies, rich and greasy plates, you don't need to change nothing in your lifestyle.
How To Maintain Your Weight Loss Success

Weight loss, proteins fats, and carbohydrates

  •  Proteins, fats, and charbohydratesProtein can be found in all meats. Proteins are helpful to your overall health and help the body to build resistance to disease in the form of antibodies. It is recommended that you try to choose meats that are lower in fat. 
  • Eat all the low-fat protein you want every day, provided it is boiled, baked or grilled. Just don't eat it fried.
  • Limit high-fat protein (red meat) to three times a week, and to one time on any of those three days. You can even eat a hamburger, so long as it's grilled or charbroiled, not fried. If you do have a burger for lunch, remember not to eat red meat for dinner on the same day.
  • Fats are found in butter, oils, nuts, creams, etc. Try to limit your fat intake as much as possible each day.
  • Carbohydrates are found in breads, pasta, grains, rice, crackers, sugars, and some fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates are also referred to as starches. 
    How To Maintain Your Weight Loss Success
  • Even though your body asks for this energy sauce, it will turn to other available sources of energy (like proteins) when required. Since carbohydrates provide energy for your body in the form of sugar, it is important that all available energy be utilized, otherwise, the unused sugar will turn into fat. 
  • Try to assume only two carbohydrates (or starches) daily. That should be all your body needs unless you exercise continuously.

Weight loss and The Right Nutritional Balance

The right nutritional balanceWe know it is imperative to get the right nutritional balance both to lose weight and to maintain your weight loss success. 

You must consider that your body is simply like a machine: if you eat more food your body needs, i.e. your body can burn, you take the weight.

This is a very simple rule to remember when you are seated at the table.

Try to follow these simples rules.

Avoid or limit:
How To Maintain Your Weight Loss Success

  1. salt meat 
  2. fatted meat 
  3. canned food 
  4. chips 
  5. alcohol 
  6. sweated soft drinks 
  7. sauces, mayonnaise, butter 
  8. fried food 
  9. sweets 
  10. snacks 

How To Maintain Your Weight Loss Success

  1. fresh fruit 
  2. fresh vegetable 
  3. crude olive oil  
  4. pasta and rice with simples condiments  
    How To Maintain Your Weight Loss Successintegral bread 

  1. mushrooms 
  2. honey 
  3. fresh fish 
  4. white meat 
  5. cereals 
  6. yogurt and skimmed milk 


  1. salt 
  2. sugar 
  3. coffee


  • Water for eliminating tocsins; drink at least 1,5 liter a day. 
  • Fruits and legumes purify your organism and are rich in mineral salts and potassium. Bananas, citrus fruits, melons, potatoes, and tomatoes are particularly reaching in potassium.  

Remember that

It is not enough to apply the above rules. You must also take attention to the manner you cook your food. Legumes must be consumed crude or cooked but not oil jumped, while grilled meat is to be preferred to oil cooked meat.

Weight loss and a little bit of Exercise

ExerciseExercising regularly will promote lasting fitness, and help tone your body shape and muscle structure. Evidently, losing weight without exercising is possible, but may lead to unsightly drooping flesh as a result of poor muscle tone.
How To Maintain Your Weight Loss Success

Remember that it is not necessary to become a sprinter! It's just enough to make a walk every day. Avoid to remain seated 24 hours a day in your car, office, and sofa watching TV. 

A good promenade will help you to strengthen your muscles, to lose weight and to maintain your weight loss success. Last but not least, you become relaxed.

Exercising, appropriate diet, and taking natural food along with our quick weight loss diet, can help you lead a longer, healthier life.